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White Ape Tongbei (13/13): Weapon Routine Appreciation
White Ape Tongbei (13/13): Weapon Routine Appreciation
01.Real Shaolin Kung Fu 36 Form Staff Cudgel DVD w/ ENG sub
02.Complete Badminton Training by Zhao JianHua & XiaoJie
03.Cheng Style Bagua Series (Complete Set) in 7DVDs (NEW)
04.Chen XiaoWang Tai Chi: Qi Gong Chen Si Gong 3DVD
05. Shaolin Kung Fu Drunkard's Boxing Drunken Boxing DVD
06. Real Shaolin Jin'gang Boxing Kung Fu DVD with ENG sub
07.Chen XiaoWang Tai Chi: Old Frame TaiJi Guide 4DVD
08. Complete Set Chen Style Tai Chi Taiji 4DVDs w/ ENG Sub
09.Chen XiaoWang Tai Chi: Taiji Push Hand & Technique DVD
10.Shaolin Steel Fan Guide by Shi YinCi (VCD)
About us, about our Kung Fu store in Hong Kong... About us, about our Kung Fu store in Hong Kong...
Chinese Outlet Online:
We are running a sport equipment store in Hong Kong selling Kung Fu video, Chinese music, Kung Fu uniform, shoes and different kind of Kung fu craft and equipments. As a owner of my store, I am now planning to sell it worldwide to let customers to get the real Chinese stuff at a reasonable price. I commit to provide excellent delivery service and quality product. With the abundance of my physical stock and years of experiences of selling those Chinese stuff in Hong Kong, I believe we can provide you excellent product and pleasant online shopping experience from Hong Kong.

If there is Kung Fu stuff or Chinese stuff that you could not find online or on our store, please do NOT hesitate to let us know (by email: ). We will try our best to source them either from Hong Kong or from China for you.

(Our physical store at Kowloon, Hong Kong)
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Complete Series of Cha Quan Kung Fu 30 DVDs
Complete Series of Cha Quan Kung Fu 30 DVDs

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We currently accept ONLY PayPal payment.
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